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We are Sebastian and Yvonne. As Freelancer working from our sailboat, we will make your next cloud or IoT project a success 🚀

IoT and Cloud are our topics. We both have worked with different functions in this large field, especially with Cumulocity IoT. Sebastian was most recently Product Owner of the open-source IoT framework And Yvonne has previously helped customers in the development and implementation of IoT projects as an IoT & Analytics consultant.

Now we can offer our expertise for your projects. From integrating sensors, gateways or third-party systems into the cloud, developing widgets and web applications, to analytically evaluating your data, we can support you.

We help you to make your next cloud or IoT project successful!

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GPX-Track Sailing Analysis

GPX-Track Sailing Analysis

It’s no secret, I guess, that the past year 2022 was probably the craziest and most exciting year I’ve ever had so far: Together with my partner, we bought an old sailboat and decided to …

Drag'n'Drop Map Widget

Drag'n'Drop Map Widget

In a large number of IoT projects, the devices are usually scattered over a large area or in a building. A map view of one’s own devices with their positioning is therefore a welcome feature for …


No matter if data from devices needs to be transcoded or sending data to a 3rd party application is required. Microservices fill the gaps to make your solution work.


Make your data visible, suited to your business! We create components to visualize your data, as a widget or as a whole new application.


To actually get value from IoT data, you need analytics. We can help you analyzing your data with streaming analytics and machine learning, to get the whole value of your data.

User Experience

Get the best out of your project or product. Within all our projects we value a good usability and ease of use.


This list is by no means exhaustive. It serves only as a rough summary of the general technical skills we bring to the table.

Please contact us to discuss your project and its specific needs.

Architecture Consulting

We support and consult you what building blocks are required to make your project-idea reality

Application Design

Your data perfect in scene. We create applications that are perfectly suited for your business

Data Analytics

Either Data at Rest or Data in Motion. With Streaming Analytics and Machine Learning we will get the most value out of your data

Microservices Development

Microservices are filling gaps to make a solution work. With deployment flexibility and scalability


For applications in machine learning or as a multi-purpose language we like to work with Python


Is the performance and efficiency key for your project? We achieve that with the great performance of the language golang developed by Google


Our Fronted applications are often based on the Angular framwork, as they are on popular applications from Netflix, GMail or Youtube


Containerization is key for a lot of modern architectures. We also enjoy working with Docker and Co


We are working with the following cloud platform providers and services.

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